Frequently Asked Questions

1Which ages does the Sri Emas International School cater for?

We cater for students aged between 12 – 17 years old for Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 8) and Key Stage 4 (Year 9 till 11). Current results of the previous school year are needed.

2What type of assessment is required for admission and why?

A clear show of previous academic results in addition to being physically & mentally healthy. An entrance test can be required on a case to case basis as a student’s academic abilities might need further assessment. These requirements are to ensure that the student is fit for the environment and demands of school life at Sri Emas.

3What are the school hours?

The school’s sessions are from 8.30am – 4.30pm. Any additional sports practices will be held outside of these times.

4When are the holidays?

The school’s holidays are in March, June, August and November/December. Please refer to the current school year’s timetable for the exact dates.

5Can students enroll anytime of the year?

Enrolments are typically restricted after three (3) months of intake commencement. However, any enrolments after this period is still accepted pending the principal’s assessment and approval.

6Does the school provide transportation services?

The school does not provide transport on a daily basis however we do have a list of private transporters which you may wish to refer and it can be obtained from our admin staff. Special transport is occasionally provided for students who are participating in sports or going for excursions arranged by the school. You will be notified for consent when these transportation arrangements are being made.

7Are there bus services for students enrolled in after school activities?

They are currently there are no bus services available for students enrolled in after school activities and transportation will have to be organized privately.

8Is there a dress code?

School Uniform days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesday and Thursday are free and easy however we do encourage students to dress appropriately, i.e. no revealing clothing such as tank tops. Slippers are not permitted. Students are required to wear sports attire for Sports, T & T and Skills Enhancement Programme (Hip Hop).

9How many students are there in each class?

There are about 25 students to each class.

10What is the best way for a parent to communicate with a teacher or the school?

During Parent-Teacher Day in June and Appreciation Day in November. Alternatively, individual appointments can be made.

11What foreign languages are offered at the school?

Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia are the two languages currently offered at the school.

12Are boarding facilities available?

There are no boarding facilities available at present.

13What is the IGCSE and will it be accepted in universities other than those in Australia?

The Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for 14-16 year-olds is equivalent to the GCSE in the United Kingdom and one of the most recognised pre-U accreditations in the world. Please visit the official Cambridge IGCSE website for specific information on recognition and affiliations.

14What are the facilities offered in the school?

The school’s facilities include science and computer labs, a convertible court for basketball and dodgeball, futsal court, badminton facilities, a multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, library and Wi-Fi throughout the school buildings. You can refer to our campus on this page: Our School

15What are the co-curricular activities offered in the school?

While we don’t consider them co-curricular activities per se, but incorporated within our school hours is the Skills Enhancement Programme which consists of the Arts and Sports, and there is the yearly Seeds S.E.A.L. Camp and Leadership Camp as well as other school excursions, depending on year level. You may refer here: Subject & Enrolment

There are times where additional rehearsals and training after school is required for competitions and events.

16What type of food is available at the school cafeteria?

We serve a variety of food ranging from local cuisine, western food and vegetarian meals. All food served is halal.

17What is covered in the school fees?

School fees cover academic fees, facility fees, materials fees for Bahasa Melayu and security deposit (for both Malaysian and Non-Malaysian students). Non-Malaysian students are required to pay an application fee as well as a registration fee on top of school fees upon enrolment. Seeds S.E.A.L. Camp is a separate payment that must be settled prior to the camp.

18Are there any discounts or scholarships available for students?

Scholarships are available for Malaysian students who represent the school at state or national level for any sports competition. It is subject to specific terms and conditions.

19What is the minimum level of academic qualifications Sri Emas International School teachers have?

All our teachers possess a bachelor’s degree at minimum and among them some have master’s as well as PhD’s.

20What level of English is required for entry into Sri Emas International School?

Students should be able to speak and write English at the appropriate level corresponding to their academic age. Foreign students will be given additional English classes to help them acquire the language.

21Who determines my child's grade level and how is it assessed?

The school’s internal examinations department determines a student’s overall grades each year from Yr 7 – 11 through coursework, tests 1, 2 and the year-end examination. The IGCSE examination - while it may be facilitated by us - is assessed entirely by Cambridge.

22What if my child's command of the English language is weak?

While our teachers will determine what needs to be done to help improve a student’s proficiency and recommend accordingly, it is not advisable to enrol a child with exceptionally weak English as there are no ESL (English as a Second Language) versions of the science exams such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics for them to take.

23What kind of curriculum do you use at the school?

We are using the British National Curriculum of English & Wales for Key Stage 3 & 4.

24Does the school provide Learning Support?

We have tutorial hours that are built into the timetable. Students and Teachers are able to use this time to clarify, practice and complete studies learned by subject.

25How often will I be updated about my child’s progress?

Parents will be updated on their child’s progress formally two times a year via the mid-year and year-end report cards. Additionally, Parent-Teacher’s Day is always an opportunity to get feedback from teachers. Naturally you can also make arrangements with subject specific Teachers to call you or meet you during office hours.

26What happens if I decide to defer enrolment until the following year?

You must inform the Student Administration Department in writing or the enrolment will become void after two weeks of the assigned commencement date in favour of other enrolments.

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